We fully understand that it is important for a funeral service to be arranged and carried out with dignity, and in accordance with the wishes of the family, each and every time.

We appreciate that this may often be a very upsetting time. Our commitment to you is that we will support you through, and indeed beyond, the funeral service.

We will be able to make the arrangements for the funeral service, either in our funeral home or in the privacy of your own home. We will, of course, listen to your wishes and guide you through the arrangements. We will discuss with you the preferences that you may have. It is important to remember that the arrangements need not be confirmed immediately. You may need time to consider your decisions, and discuss them with your family and friends.

As funeral professionals, we can support you with the many decisions you may need to make.

One of the most important decisions to make is whether the funeral service is going to be a burial or cremation. On many occasions, this would have already been decided, perhaps based on the wishes of other family members.

Locally, we have a number of crematoria where the service could take place. The decision over the final resting place of the ashes needs to be considered very carefully, and we would support you through this. It should not be a hasty decision.

For many, burial would be their considered decision and we would arrange this for you. It is important to remember, that many cemeteries and churchyards have regulations over your right to be interred.

If your loved one passes away locally and you wish to arrange for the funeral service to be arranged in a different area or even in a different country we can organise this on your behalf.