As independent funeral directors, we are proud to offer Golden Charter pre-payment funeral plans.

Many more people are now planning ahead for their funeral. A Golden Charter funeral plan can be used to confirm their arrangements in writing, and to allay any worries concerning future funeral charges.

Having a funeral plan will provide you with a way of confirming your own wishes for a traditional church service, or a celebration of life ceremony. This may include your wishes for burial or cremation, a church service, and fine details over music, to name but a few options.

It also provides you with a way of settling the vast majority of costs incurred in a funeral service, at today’s rates. There will then be very little, if anything, to settle at the time of requiring the funeral service.

Planning for your funeral gives you peace of mind, and lets your family know what you would like for your own funeral service, when the time comes. A pre-paid funeral plan can alleviate any worry your family could experience over unforeseen costs, and the stress of all the decisions to be made at a difficult time.

SAIFThere are many different pre-payment funeral plans available, varying from set arrangements to a bespoke service.

You are able to pay for your plan with one payment or in instalments. It is important to remember that all the monies paid are held by the Golden Charter Trust to provide the utmost security.

If you have a Golden Charter pre-payment funeral plan taken out through another funeral director and would now like us to accept responsibility for arranging and conducting the ceremony, we would be pleased to arrange this for you.

In addition to our own Golden Charter funeral plans, we may be able to arrange and conduct funerals plans taken out through other funeral directors and plan providers. If you would like us to take care of these funeral arrangements for you, please contact us and we will talk to you about this.