Mayfields is a local family owned funeral home.

Mayfields’ heritage began in the early 1990’s when it opened in Elm Grove, Southsea. Only a short time later, the business was purchased by Mr David Colbourne and his family. David has supported the local community in providing care for those suffering bereavement.

Together with Shadow, David’s trusted black Labrador, Mayfields has rightly flourished.

Supporting the local community has provided Mayfields with a reputation for care and support at what can only be described as the lowest moments of a person’s life.

During 2016, David decided that it may well be time to consider taking life a little easier and retiring. It was crucially important for David to pass the future of Mayfields to someone who would care for it as he has.

Over the next 2 years or so, David spoke to Mr Paul Lee-Bapty Dip FD Affil RSH, Managing Director of South Downs Funeral Service, whom he has known for well over 20 years regarding his retirement.

During 2018, South Downs Funeral Service acquired Mayfields to ensure the security of the business, and as importantly, the security of a family owned funeral home.

Through a mutual friend, Paul met Mr Martin Doe and Miss Rosie Edmonds who both worked for a corporate funeral business. Gladly, they resigned from their positions and have now taken their responsibilities with Mayfields.

Martin has accepted the position of Funeral Director, whilst Rosie has accepted the position of Funeral Care.

It is with great pleasure that David will be remaining as a Consultant Funeral Director for many, many months to come.

Paul explains “I am extremely pleased to acquire the family owned Funeral business of Mayfields. Together with South Downs Funeral Service, it will allow us to uphold the high standards we aim to achieve for each and every family. I am delighted that David is remaining with us as a consultant for the future, thus ensuring a continuity of care throughout the local communities Mayfields has supported”

The independent funeral profession has a long and proud history of personal service to local communities. In recent years most small funeral businesses have been taken over by large companies leaving the names unchanged making it difficult for you to distinguish between family owned firms and conglomerates. Mayfields is a truly independent family firm formed in 1991 and we have vast experience in caring for you and your loved ones in a dignified and courteous manner. We take a personal pride in our funeral home and our vehicles and not only do we want to cater for your current needs but wish that you will return to us in the future.