Mayfields Funerals Privacy Policy

How we use your personal data We respect your privacy and only use your personal data under the following circumstances When you arrange a Funeral with us We use your personal data to

  1. Provide you with a quote if requested.
  2. Contact you regarding the funeral arrangements, including creation of an Order of Service and / or Photographic Tribute of your loved one.
  3. Send you an Invoice for the funeral.
  4. Provide you with receipts for payments made to us.
  5. Contact you regarding outstanding invoices.
  6. Contact you regarding collection of cremated remains.
  7. Advise you of the amount of donations received in memory of your loved one.
  8. Contact you regarding your requirements for memorials ordered from us.

How we share your personal data when you arrange a funeral with us

  1. We email your name, telephone number and email address to the Funeral Celebrant or Officiating Minister to enable them to arrange a meeting with you regarding the funeral service.
  2. We email the photos you provide to us for the Order of Service or other funeral stationery to the Agency that create the Order of Service or other funeral stationery.
  3. We pass your name, address and telephone number to the Crematorium or Cemetery Office within their Application for Burial or Cremation Forms.
  4. We may pass your name, address and telephone number by telephone or email to a debt collection agency in the case of overdue debts.

When you purchase a Pre-Need Funeral You will complete a Funeral Plan Application Form and this together with all of the personal information contained therein will be sent to the Plan Providers, at the time of this policy that is Golden Leaves Funeral Plans. In due course Mayfields Funerals, as your nominated Funeral Directors will receive a copy of your plan, which will be retained until the time it is needed. When you contact us via our Website We will use your personal data to respond to the query you have raised. When you contact us by email We will use your personal data to respond to the query you have raised. How we keep your personal information secure We may hold your personal data in physical and electronic format

  • Physical documents are stored in locked cabinets
  • Electronic documents are stored on password protected devices, protected by Anti-Virus software
  • Electronic documents are backed-up and stored securely
  • Emails are password protected

Information about right of access to your data

  1. Should you wish to access your personal data held by us, please contact us in writing at: Mayfields Funeral Directors, 90 Elm Grove, Southsea, Hants PO5 1LN making your request. We will provide you with copies of documentation containing your personal data within 21 days of receiving your request or we will notify you if we have no retained personal data of yours. Please note that you will need to call in to us in person with photographic proof of your identity such as a Passport or Driving Licence before we can release the information to you.
  2. Should you wish to update your personal information, please contact us together with proof of your identity and we will update your information accordingly.
  3. Should you wish to remove your personal information from our records we will be able to do this for you, providing your contract with us has been completed.