Mr David Colbourne
Paul Lee-Bapty
Mr Martin Doe
Miss Rosie Edmonds

The staff within our funeral homes are the most precious asset we have. We only have staff who have a unique ability to understand people and how to talk to them.

We are confident that you will find our staff caring, compassionate, professional and sympathetic. We will be there to help, support and guide you through this upsetting time. You can be confident that we will be there for you and your family.

Mr David Colbourne is the Consultant Funeral Director at Mayfields. David has owned the business from the early 1990’s until very recently when it was placed under the care of Paul at South Downs Funeral Service, the family owned funeral homes of Denmead, Wickham and Clanfield. Following his decision to take life a little easier, David has remained with Mayfields as our consultant, a crucially important position to ensure a continuity of care for the future.

Paul, the Managing Director of Mayfields and South Downs Funeral service.Paul has spent over 36 years within the Funeral profession and passed his Diploma qualification in 1985. The Diploma is a qualification awarded by the National Association of Funeral Directors and represents the pinnacle of qualifications within the funeral business. Paul has been a Funeral Director in this area alone for over 22 years now. Paul is delighted to take Mayfields into the future with David’s support as consultant.

The principle Funeral Director for Mayfields is Mr Martin Doe.Before Martin’s career within the funeral business, he joined the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment Second Battalion in September 1997 where he remained until 2000. When he came out of the army he had numerous jobs until he found his true passion, Funeral Directing. He started with Reynolds Funeral Service in 2009, a family owned and independent funeral home in Bognor Regis, where he received excellent training from people with over 60 years experience.

He trained as a chauffeur covering their funeral homes in Bognor Regis, Chichester and Littlehampton. In total, Martin was with Reynolds for some 6 years. He then moved to Havant with his beautiful wife and three adorable children and found work with the Southern Co-operative FuneralCare. After a short period of time, and based upon his previous experience, he soon began training as a Funeral Conductor. In September 2018, Martin started working for South Downs Funeral Service, who have funeral homes in Denmead, Wickham and Clanfield.

Supporting David, Paul and Martin is Miss Rosie Edmonds. Rosie has been working in the funeral business for a total of 7 years. She had previously worked for both Southern Co-op FuneralCare and Northern Co-op FuneralCare, which gave her a great deal of knowledge and capability. She is an experienced funeral arranger and takes pride in assisting families in their difficult times and thus able to deal with all aspects of funeral care. She is also very lucky to bring her beautiful English bulldog puppy into the funeral home on occasions.